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Between the Sheets

With this curriculum you can give training on relationships and sex to young people from 10 to 17 years.

Who is this curriculum for? 

Between the sheets is for teachers in:

  • the last grade of primary education 
  • secondary education
  • special education
  • or people who work in an institution for young people with disabilities

How does Between the sheets work?

The package contains 2 sheets with a drawing of a woman and a man. You use this in the methodologies of all modules.

As a supervisor, you take place around the sheets together with the group of young people. The equality between you and the group increases. You place drawings and photos on the sheets. You discuss cases, doctor’s statements, myths … You stimulate interaction, everyone takes the turn and listens to each other.

This package has been developed based on the *KAVES model.

There are several options such as:

Complete package Between the sheets

Basic body module

Contraception module

Module Sexually transmitted diseases

Module Sexual cross-border behavior

*The KAVES model helps you to determine the objectives of your lessons or curriculum. And to adjust your teaching methods accordingly.


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