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Flowers and bees or seeds and eggs? (Views on) Sex education in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has an international reputation for being particularly open regarding the sexuality of young people. This study examines whether this is indeed the case or is it also negatively effects children under the age of twelve year. 

 This topic investigated with the families of children from 4 to 17 years. Questioners contained open ended questions such as; what kind information should they provide, when sexual education should start, whether they consider themselves capable for provide information and what they think about the role of schools. A representative group of 789 fathers and 802 mothers between 20 and 68 years old completed with questionnaires. 

 Results showed that the open attitude towards sexuality mainly effects positively to young people. Relational and sexual education on the primary school remains important, because otherwise children are at risk. Some parents think that sexual education is the responsibility of schools as other courses. But there are another parents also who argues that it should be between their children and them.


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