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Teaching and training material for 14 to 25 years old foreign speakers

 The package is primarily aimed at teachers who provide the social orientation course within the Flemish reception agencies.

Nevertheless, it can also be used to inform other target groups, such as asylum seekers. 

In addition to specific forms of work on HIV, STDs, (emergency) contraception, and termination of pregnancy, the attached manual contains relevant background information about the female and male anatomy and the fertility cycle.

The case includes: 

  • 4 sheets with body parts and corresponding arrows
  • plates of the reproductive organs and menstrual cycle
  • a contraceptive scribble bag and a demonstration pen 

It is recommended to use the package in separate women’s and men’s groups, and preferably to spread it over two lessons of approximately 3 hours.

Authors: Thomas Demyttenaere, Bart Degryse

It can be ordered for free


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