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Long Live Love. The implementation of a School-Based Sex-Education Program in the Netherlands

Long LiveLove (LLL) is the most widely used evidence-based teacher-delivered program for sexual education in the Netherlands

 This study initiates to the understanding of factors that promote or impede each stage of the implementation process of LLL in the school setting as an example.

 A survey integrating different diffusion-related concepts was completed by 130 teachers.

 After analyzing the survey data, there are some highlighted points as a conclusion:

 Firstly, results showed that teacher curriculum-related beliefs were associated with all stages in the diffusion process. Although adoption of LLL was predominantly related to teacher curriculum-related beliefs, implementation completeness and fidelity and continued use of LLL were also enhanced by contextual factors, namely teacher training and interactive context variables (school policy, governing body support and student response), respectively.

 Secondly, this study shows that adoption is predominantly related to individual level factors, whereas implementation and continuation are also influenced by external factors, namely information source variables and the interactive context, respectively.

 Lastly, the results reveal that each stage of the diffusion process is influenced by different kinds of factors. This implies that it is necessary to consider all three stages when planning and evaluating the implementation of interventions.


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