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Outside the Lines – Package

This resource recommended children from 3 to 17 years old.

This package helps you respond appropriately to the sexual (cross-border) behavior of vulnerable children and young people.

The material is based on the *Sensoa Flag system.

Off the lines is for professionals who work with vulnerable children and young people with for example:

  • a sexual trauma
  • a limitation
  • another sexual development. Such as, for example, a different gender identity, sexual orientation or culture.

This package is:

  • The manual.
  • 32 cards with drawings of concrete situations of sexual behavior of children and young people.
  • 4 additional work cards that explain how to work with the cards with drawings.
  • A collection boxes.

Authors: Erika Frans, Karen De Wilde, Kristin Janssens, Willy Van Berlo & Oka Storms.

It can be purchased online or borrow for free.

* The Sensoa Flag System is a method developed in Flanders for estimating sexual behavior and responding appropriately.


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