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Puberty boys

This educative video is about puberty process for boys. There is animation to illustrate the process and an audio support for detailed explanation.

Amination starts with an image of young boy around 9-11 years old. In the video speaker indicates that puberty process starts around these ages for boys.  It gives brief information about hormonal changes and its outcomes during long period. Most important message in the video is “ these changes are normal.”

As it is displayed by images, young men body produces special hormones. Because of these hormones they grow tall, have pubic and facial hair. Also, their voice can change. Ejaculation is also briefly explained. In addition to that, facial problems such as pimples, acnes and blackheads and their reasons explained by hormonal changes.

Different than other videos, this animation explains to adolescents how to do their personal care such as shaving their hair, importance of using deodorant, cleaning and washing face etc.

*This video provided in Dutch but there are subtitle options for several languages.


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