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Sensoa Flag System – Package

This is a teaching and training material for children from 3 to 25 years old

It is special for children and adolescents with normal sexual development

The Sensoa Flag System helps professionals to judge the sexual behavior of children and young people fairly and to respond appropriately.

You also use it to discuss with children and young people which sexual behavior is okay or not.

Package Contents 

  • Handbook

The Sensoa Flag System is explained and substantiated in this. The book contains methods on how to work with the situation maps.

At the back is the Normative list. This is a list of sexual behaviors that are common at a certain age. With this list you better assess the sexual behavior of children and young people.

 *Most recent version of the Normative list

  • Set of 44 situation maps

Each card shows a situation of sexual behavior of children or young people.

Each situation has been assessed on the basis of 6 criteria. A pedagogical response is suggested based on that assessment.

  • Set of additional work cards with:
  • the 6 criteria for assessing situations
  • overview of the flags assigned to the situation
  • guidelines for pedagogical action and the action protocol
  • checklist with the criteria: observation points and target questions
  • Collection box

Authors: Erika Frans & Thierry Franck

It can be purchased on website


For the Normative List:

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