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Sensoa Flag System

The Sensoa Flag System is a method developed in Flanders for supervisors of children and young people to make sexual behavior negotiable, to assess correctly and to respond appropriately.

With the Flag System you can:

  • To adequately assess the sexual behavior of young people
  • Discuss sexual behavior with young people, other professionals and parents
  • To achieve better coordination within your team about the pedagogical line to be followed
  • Develop a vision and policy on sexual behavior within your organization as a manager

The Flag System helps you to come to a well-considered response after applying 6 criteria to a specific situation. That provides a counterbalance to emotional or panic reaction, or to indifference.

How does it work?

On the basis of 6 criteria you can divide sexual behavior into 4 categories, indicated with different color flags. With each type of behavior you will receive an adjusted response.

6 criteria

  1. Mutual consent
  2. Volunteering
  3. Equivalence
  4. Age or development
  5. Context
  6. Self-esteem

4 flags

  • Green flag: acceptable sexual situation
  • Yellow flag: slightly cross-border sexual situation
  • Red flag: serious cross-border sexual situation
  • Black flag: serious cross-border sexual situation

Getting started with the Flag system

There 3 extensive packages about the Flag System that you can work with yourself. For children and adolescents with normal sexual development and for children and adolescents with special needs. 

Each package contains:

  • A handbook
  • A card set with specific situations
  • A map with explanation of the flags and response options
  • A ‘Steering wheel sexual behavior’ card


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