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The Doctor Bea Show

 This is an Audio – Visual Sexual education lesson modules from 9 to 12 years old.

The doctor Bea show is a series of programs on sex education on Ketnet.

How do you use the lesson modules?

You can watch the episode on the internet. Use the course material online or offline.

Working online with the course material

  • Open the module of your choice. Each module starts with an episode from the doctor Bea Show. It takes approximately 26 minutes.
  • After delivery you can get started with online exercises.
  • You will find different work forms with each episode: quizzes, reflection questions, dragging exercises, do assignments for home and more.

Work offline with the course material

  • First watch an episode of doctor Bea on 
  • Then hand out the DIY leaf that comes with the episode. The assignments are comparable to the online methods. 

Duration and structure

  • It takes a maximum of one hour to watch an episode and do all the work forms.
  • The course modules largely follow the structure of The Doctor Bea Show and help to process the most important contents.
  • With the methods you practice knowledge, attitudes, skills (KAVES model) of your students and you also work on emotions and support.

What equipment do you need? 

To complete online work

  • a device with internet access for the episodes of The Doctor Bea show
  • a beamer or smartboard for the online lesson modules 
  • It is nice if the students can do some exercises on their own device, but that is not necessary

To (partly) offline work

  • a device with internet access 
  • a projector, smartboard or other device to view the episodes in the classroom
  • prints of the DIY leaves

This program is developed by Senso and KetNet. It is available online


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