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Intellectual outputs:

IO1: Parental sexual education training course

  • This course will train the parents on the ways to support the process of raising the sexuality topic with their child/pupil with disabilities.
  • It will equip them with the necessarily knowledge onto possible ways to overcome specific obstacles like “unusual” sexual behaviour, public masturbation, pornography, contraception, different sexual orientation, sexual techniques, prevention of sexual abuse etc.

IO2: Guide for professionals supporting parents and their children with disabilities in terms of sexual education

  • this will be a guidance material for professionals who are supporting and consulting parents in terms of problems with the sexual behaviour and sexual needs of their pupils with disabilities.
  • It will further strengthen the capacity of professionals how to support the parents of people with disabilities
  • the output could be used by Higher education experts and students in topics in the field of medical and humanitarian subjects.

IO3: Handbook “How to create and manage a self-support parental groups on the topic of inclusive sexual education?”

  • As a matter of sustainability, mainstreaming and exploitation activities the parents of youth with disabilities will be able to create a self-support parental groups where those who have passed successfully the training under IO1 will be able to pass the information and experience with other parents who will be able to multiply the effect.

IO4: Mobile application – 24/7 offer help on solutions per specific problem in terms of inclusive sexual education (Google play link)

  • The mobile application will serve as a 24/7 training and resource centre (Moodle based) where parents will be able to study and recall the information containing in the IO1, 2 and 3.
  • The mobile application will provide also the ability to connect and ask questions to professionals on the topics related to the sexual education of a child/pupil with disability.
  • The application will contain video case studies (or 3D simulations) of existing solutions towards sexual education of youth with disabilities

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